County Commissioners

BOCC Budget

The Board of County Commissioners annually approves the budget which determines the revenue and expenditures necessary to operate all County departments.

  • The budget will be prepared in such a manner as to facilitate understanding by citizens and other elected officials.
  • Copies of the proposed budget will be available to citizens and elected officials.
  • Budgetary emphasis will focus on providing services to our citizens, while operating in an economical and efficient manner.
  • The Clerk of the Circuit Court will maintain a budgetary control system to help it adhere to the adopted budget.
  • Reports comparing actual revenues and expenditures to the budgeted amount will be prepared monthly.

BOCC Finance

Bay County Board of County Commissioners control funds in excess of funds required to meet current expenses. Funds used to meet current expenses are the responsibility of the Bay County Clerk of the Circuit Court.

By State Law, the Clerk of Circuit Court shall establish and implement the overall investment policies according to Chapter 218.415.

BOCC Records

The Florida Constitution provides for the Clerk to act as Ex-Officio Clerk to the Board of County Commissioners. In this capacity, a primary responsibility of the Clerk is to record and index minutes to the Board of County Commission meetings. The entire meeting is electronically recorded by the Clerk and the audio tapes are available to the public for listening purposes or purchase the following morning. This recording by an independent elected official assures the integrity of the minutes.

BOCC records include the following and can be viewed online:

  • Contracts
  • Minutes
  • Ordinance
  • Resolutions
  • Utility Regulatory Authority Documents

Click Here to View BOCC Records Online