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Search Tips

View case format examples for both civil and criminal cases. Criminal example: 02000034CFMA, Civil traffic example: 02000034TR, Probate example: 02000034CP

NAME SEARCH: LAST, FIRST MIDDLE – the more explicit the name information the more the search will be narrowed down, but you can search by last name only.

Example – DOE, JOHN D

Case types are as follows:

  • Civil Traffic Infraction cases end in TR
  • Circuit Criminal cases end in CFMA
  • County Criminal cases end in MMMA
  • County Criminal worthless check cases end in MMMW
  • Municipal Ordinances cases end in MOMS
  • State Statute and Ordinance cases end in MMMO
  • Criminal Traffic cases end in CTMA
  • Wildlife and Tobacco Violation cases end in TOMA
  • Animal Control Violations end in ACMA
  • Code Enforcement Violations end in CEMA
  • Parking Violations end in PKMA
  • Circuit Civil cases end in CA
  • Domestic Relations and Family Law cases end in DR
  • County Civil and Landlord Tenant cases end in CC
  • Small Claims cases end in SC
  • Motor Vehicle cases end in MO
  • Solicitors Permit cases end in SL
  • Probate cases ending in CP or GA

Federal Court Records

For inquiries of Federal Court Records please contact:
Tallahassee: 850-521-3501
Pensacola: 850-435-8440