eRecording Information

eRecording is the secure online submission of documents to the Clerk’s office for recording in the Official Records of Bay County. eRecording streamlines the recording process by eliminating the need to mail or deliver documents to the courthouse, saving time and money for both the Clerk’s office and you. With eRecording, you scan your document and use a third-party vendor application to upload the document and associated data. No special equipment is required – just a computer with high-speed internet access and a scanner. Funds are transferred using Automated Clearing House (ACH) for recording fees, transfer taxes, and the fee that is paid to the vendor for this process.

The Bay County Clerk of Court and Comptroller is pleased to offer e-Recording services through the following vendors:

SIMPLIFILEPhone: 1(800) 460-5667Contact:
CORPORATION SERVICE COMPANY (CSC)Phone: 1(866) 652-0111Contact:
ERECORDING PARTNERS NETWORK (EPN)Phone: 1(888) 325-3365Contact:
FILE AND GOPhone: 1(386) 845-8638Website:
Recording customers should research the vendors and determine which one best fit their needs.

Benefits of eRecording

  • Submit documents for recording electronically 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Expedites recording process
  • Increases efficiencies, streamlines work flow
  • Original documents never leave your possession
  • Reduces time delay for recording

Documents That Cannot Be eRecorded

  • Bonds
  • Certain Miscellaneous Notices
  • Military Discharge (DD-214)
  • Notices of Bond
  • Notices of Contest of Lien
  • Notices of Homestead
  • Plat/Maintenance/Right-of-Way Maps
  • Transfers of Lien to Cash or Surety Bond