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Online Bidding and Auction System

Online bidding and auctions require advanced registration and advanced placement of deposits. Visit our online auction system at

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Foreclosure Sales List in Adobe PDF Format

The Clerk’s office of Bay County runs a Foreclosure report weekly that will be posted each Friday. You can obtain information regarding future foreclosure sales by researching the legal ad section of the Panama City News Herald or Bay County Bullet. The foreclosures are published once a week for two consecutive weeks before the sale takes place. You can also obtain information by clicking on the links provided on

It is not possible to register to bid by mail. Our bidding process is the highest bidder wins the bid.  Please see bidding instructions on for various deposit and payment methods.

The successful bidder must pay the balance of the bid amount due by 11:00 am the following business day. In addition, fees for documentary stamp taxes and registry deposit fees must be paid at the time the balance of the bid amount is paid. This amount is based upon the bid amount.

Failure to pay the balance due and authorized costs by 11:00 am the following business day will result in the re-advertisement of the sale, the cost of which will be paid from the deposit. Any remaining funds will be applied towards the judgment.