Official Records Fees

The Recording Department now accepts personal checks, with a processing fee of $3.00.

Calculate your fees

Official Records CD (per book)$25.00
Plat copy per page$5.00
Record Search per year$1.00
Extra names (per name over 4)$1.00
Examining, certifying and recording plats larger than 8 1/2 x 14
Each additional page
Recording instruments – 8 1/2 x 14
Each additional page

Documentary Stamps

(anything that conveys real estate)

Doc Stamps on Deeds (computed on the total purchase price)$0.70 per $100
Doc Stamps on Mortgages (computed on the amount of mortgage rounded to the nearest $100.00)$0.35 per $100
Intangible tax (computed on the exact amount of mortgage)$0.20 per $100

Please be informed that fee increases are added during Legislative Session.

Recording Fees History

From 1931 to June 30th, 1957$00.10
From July 1st, 1957 to June 30th, 1963$00.20
From July 1st, 1963 to September 30th, 1979$00.30
From October 1st, 1979 to June 30th, 1981$00.40
July 1st, 1981 to June 30th, 1985$00.45
July 1st, 1985 to June 30th, 1987$00.50
July 1st, 1987 to May 31st, 1991$00.55
June 1st, 1991 to July 31st, 1992$00.60
August 1st, 1992 to present$00.70

To calculate your fees, click here.

Please be informed that fee increases are due to the Senate Bill 2962 that was passed during this Legislative Session.