Recording Requirements

Preparations of Instruments for Recording

Proper preparations of documents lie with the customer. Re-recording and corrective deeds can be costly. THEREFORE, PLEASE CHECK THE FOLLOWING:

  1. Consideration of sale price must be noted.
  2. Clearly printed or typed for best reproduction by microfilm or photography.
  3. Date the body of the instrument.
  4. Grantee’s mailing address, if transfer of interest is real estate. (Example: Deeds, Agreements and Contract for Deeds).
  5. Affix the name and address of person to whom instrument is to be returned on the front of the instrument, first page.
  6. On all instruments by which the title to real estate or any interest therein or lien thereon is conveyed, created, encumbered, assigned or otherwise disposed of, the name and address of the person who prepared the instrument in a legible manner.
  7. Full legal description of property.
  8. Signatures should agree with names in the body of the instrument and should be legible and correctly spelled.
  9. Signatures to be attested by two witnesses (transfer of any property). Witnesses must sign, print their name and include their addresses.
  10. Acknowledgment of person(s) executing the instrument.
  11. Notary public seal expiration date and commission number.
  12. Corporate seal, if applicable.
  13. To ensure fast and efficient handling of all mail transactions envelopes should be addressed to the attention of the RECORDING DEPARTMENT.

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